Black Heart's Legacy
BlackHeart’s Legacy by Sally Copus

Review’s — BlackHeart’s Legacy

Kirkus Review

“As the novel picks up speed, so too do the cleverly hidden surprises ... The cliffhanger ending foreshadows an exciting voyage to the lost city of Atlantis”.
— Kirkus Reviews
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Barnes and Noble Review by Alexis Burling

“Aside from spinning a good old-fashioned yarn full of all the things kids love: time-travel, sea-faring adventures, natural disasters, and, yes, pirates, Copus has done so with panache. Her grammar and sentence structure is impeccable. The story flows, jolts, quiets down, and explodes at all the right moments. As far as her characters are concerned, who doesn’t love the idea of a boy getting up to no good with his grandparents? The best part is that Copus has planned another book in the series that takes Jon, grandparents, and BlackHeart to the Lost City of Atlantis. If it’s anything like the first book, it’s bound to be a sleeper-hit.”.
— Barns and Noble Community
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“BlackHeart’s Legacy will leave tweeners, young teens, and anyone who loves a page-turning adventure breathless and waiting for the second book in The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair series by Sally Copus.”
— Amazon Reviews
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