Black Heart's Legacy
Black Heart's Legacy by Sally Copus

About The Author

Sally Copus has been involved in writing her entire life. The former CEO of a large Dallas, Texas based direct marketing firm, Copus now resides in a home built in the early 1850’s, perched atop a precipice overlooking the mighty Missouri River. While her books are targeted at the pre-teen to mid-teen market, she has quite a following among young-at-heart adults, as well.

“As a mother and grandmother, I can tell you that nothing brings more blessings to one’s life than the joys, happiness, laughter, and even the trials that children go through, regardless of their ages. These experiences are the things that transform them into who they will be. Family is the most important thing, and family sharing is what life is all about,” says Copus.

Her debut book, BlackHeart’s Legacy, the first in her time-travel fantasy series, The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, is the recipient of a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and Kirkus’ Best of 2012 award. Book two in this action-packed adventure takes her protagonist, Jon Sinclair backward in time, In Search of Atlantis. Accompanied by the seventeenth century pirate captain, BlackHeart and crew, this new journey promises to be just as exciting as the first.